Wind Raven: Medicine Man

Wind Raven. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I’m a medicine man. I help people. We’re native healers. People that are sick, broken bones, we put them back together. We have natural herbs. I was chosen by God. I was hit in the head with a crowbar in ’94 and I had a vision of being in heaven. I was told when I came back to change so I changed my whole being and became a healer. A second chance at life. The Creator makes me happy. I serve him, all his children, regardless of race. Elders, children, everyone. I’m from the Pascua Yaqui Nation and we have ceremonies once a year. It feels like being home with my family. I live far from the reservation but here at Tucson Meet Yourself I’m back with my people, here with my community.

-Wind Raven

10 thoughts on “Wind Raven: Medicine Man”

  1. I need my home cleansed! My neighbor has bad energy that had effected our entire neighborhood. I was an student from the late Sun Bear, as well as a couple others. As a white woman, I had to prove harder than others. One of the things I’ve learned is to call on my brothers and sisters for help!

  2. I would like to learn more about the medicine man I too brother. I too im a yaqui indan. but due to tragic I was unable to grow up around my brothers and sisters . I wood be proud to visit Sonora and be amongst my people and all the events that you guys have every year So I may be part of my tribe and the people.

  3. Good afternoon and Bless You
    I’m April and it’s nice to meet you. I am interested in speaking with you about some help and healing. I am Blessed with gifts and I have an ongoing battle as we all do. I feel I need help bypassing something. I appreciate all of the time. I hope you can help. Thank you again

  4. My name is Amy Powers, my house has a binding, a spirit or some thing that needs to be cleansed. I have been told that people native to the land are the only ones that could help clear the land and the house. I understand that this is something that you do and have expertise in. If that is true and you are available I would like to have the house and land cleared before I sell it. I am on a pretty good timeline as far as needing it done sooner than later so if you don’t have availability do you have a recommendation for someone else? thank you!

  5. Hello.
    It’s Debbie Rice. You came and did a cleanse a few years ago. I asked for a blessing last year but it was bad timing and you were not available. Wonder if you’d be available on Saturday Oct 29 in the morning for the cleanse. You may remember I have the little ranch with all the Mesquite trees on the east side.

  6. I would love to come down for one of the ceremonies. I had many injuries and trauma from childhood I would love to be be healed.


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