Wind Raven: Medicine Man

Wind Raven. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I’m a medicine man. I help people. We’re native healers. People that are sick, broken bones, we put them back together. We have natural herbs. I was chosen by God. I was hit in the head with a crowbar in ’94 and I had a vision of being in heaven. I was told when I came back to change so I changed my whole being and became a healer. A second chance at life. The Creator makes me happy. I serve him, all his children, regardless of race. Elders, children, everyone. I’m from the Pascua Yaqui Nation and we have ceremonies once a year. It feels like being home with my family. I live far from the reservation but here at Tucson Meet Yourself I’m back with my people, here with my community.

-Wind Raven

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