Movement & Wellness Tent | Sponsored by TMC Health

Celebrating movement arts and wellness practices, this new festival area showcases Tucson’s favorite dance artists, martial artists, and others. Bringing you interactive demonstrations, workshops, and mini-performances celebrating movement and wellness across cultures. 

As folklorist Dr. Maribel Alvarez writes, “Dance is the most democratic of all artistic expressions. Whether performed in large social settings such as concerts, festivals, nightclubs, family events, or privately in our homes, dancing grants everyone – of any body type or mobility capacity – the opportunity to partake of an artistic experience. Dancing plays a crucial role in teaching children the value of a multicultural education. It is also one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Through movement and physical activity, communities impacted by chronic illnesses have found a way to improve their wellness and health.”

We are grateful to TMC Healthcare for recognizing this value and stepping out to support this new festival area.

Click here to what’s shakin’ in the Movement & Wellness Tent!

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