Traditions Thursdays: More than Jigs: Music and Dance in Celtic Traditions

In communities throughout North America and in the Celtic regions of Europe, Celtic music supports and enables social dances that serve to bring people together and maintain relationships. In this demonstration, Claire Zucker of Púca and the Wild Ones and a dancer will draw connections between the Celtic traditions they represent. Expect fiddling, dancing, and singing!

Facilitator: KATE ALEXANDER, TMY Performance Curator
Panelists: CLAIRE ZUCKER, Púca and the Wild Ones, and a dancer

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KATE ALEXANDER, Festival Performance Curator

Panelist 1

CLAIRE ZUCKER hails from the green woods of eastern Tennessee, and her life circles around family and her love of music and dance. She plays traditional Irish and American Old-time music in sessions, jams, and in various bands, and for 25 years has built community and connected people to music and dance by calling and organizing contradances.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins
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Festival Appearance
TMY Virtual

Panel Date/Time
October 22, 2020 1:00 pm

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