Culture Kitchen Fridays: Desert Foods of Tohono O’odham

A glimpse into just a few of the traditional foods in the Tucson basin, as Tanisha Tucker, Traci Faith Hamilton, and Maria Francisco discuss the harvest and/or preparation of three Tohono O’odham foods, tepary beans, ciolim (cholla buds), and yeast Bread. The family continues a tradition of saguaro fruit harvest and syrup production and also briefly share about prickly pear jelly.

Time: 12’46”
Video: Nate McKowen,
Music: Grupo Riken

Supported by the Arts Foundation of Tucson & Southern Arizona
A Tucson Meet Yourself/Southwest Folklife Alliance production

Panel Video



Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
TMY Virtual

Panel Date/Time
October 16, 2020 12:00 pm

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