TMY Covid-19 Safety Measures


Most of TMY 2020 has moved online, with nearly 50 virtual events viewable on our home page, TMY Facebook Live, and TMY YouTube. A handful of safely distanced, in-person events offer ways to support artists and food vendors and celebrate community. Participation asks for attention and respect. Our guidelines and policies follow recommendations from City of Tucson and the Pima County Health Department.

Photo by Steven Meckler.

All On-site Events:

If you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath–or if you are at high risk for Covid-19–please stay home.

Maintain safe distance–at least 6 feet or about two arms’ length apart–from others.

Wash your hands or sanitize them often.

Masks are required for all TMY on-site events. Please wear one to keep you and others safer. (Those not wearing masks will be asked to wear one from our limited supply.)

Restrooms at on-site events will be maintained and sanitized by TMY staff.

Hand sanitizer will be available at all restrooms.

Entrance and exit to parking lots will be controlled by TMY volunteers.

On-site security will manage any situations of non-compliance.

Tucson Eat Yourself Locations:

TMY food vendors and TMY staff and volunteers will wear plastic face shields.

All food vendors are required to wear gloves.

Food booths are spaced 20-30 feet apart. Each booth is fully enclosed, with mesh windows to allow for ordering and pick up.

Food vendors will post signage listing menu items, legible from at least 20 feet away.

All purchased food will be enclosed in containers.

Hand sanitizer will be available at every food booth.

No tables or chairs are available for dining. We ask that attendees take food back to vehicles or home to enjoy.

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