Sierra: Marching Artist

Sierra. Faces of the Festival 2017. Steven Meckler photo

I’ve always been a creative type. I really like the marching arts and marching band and drum corps. I play the mellophone—it’s like the marching French horn, kinda looks like a big trumpet. I fell in love with it in high school. I got to be the drum major on the podium my last year. Marching band gives you your identity. But then, in drum corps, which is more like the NFL of marching band, you know, you have people pay 30 bucks for a ticket to come see you and then you go to championships in Indianapolis and 22,000 people are here for the feeling they get from watching you just let out all that music and all that power and passion and all that hard work that you worked for three months for, like, it’s just amazing. I think that marching band is probably the most, like, cohesive group you could be in, especially in a school setting. It’s, like, the most diverse group of students ’cause it’s boys and girls, and all the kids that just feel like they don’t fit in, like all the weirdos, all the nerds, even athletes who are like on the popular spectrum, are a part of this group. It’s amazing how everyone can be so different but so connected. You all put that uniform on and your goal is to look as same as possible.


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