Tucson Casineros

Tucson Casineros, lead by Art Garcia and Virna Fratt, is a non-profit dance group that during non-covid times holds Cuban style dance classes and social dance events on a weekly basis. Angie Bohorquez from Monzón Dance Company created a collaboration with TucSon Casineros, Zona Pachanga, Tucson Kiz, and Salsón Dance Company, leading the community in a series of socially-distant online classes. The dance styles showcased are Boogaloo, Bachata, Cuban Salsa, Urban Kiz, and Salsa, as well as some free style dance and shines.

Video Performance


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

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Festival Appearance
Virtual Performance,Tucson Eat Yourself

Performance Date/Time
October 24, 2020 7:00 pm