Saguaro Strutters

The Saguaro Strutters are a local line dance team more than 20 years old. Most of the team’s 10 dancers picked up line dancing by going to classes in Tucson. While the individual members and size of the group have changed over the years, they all enjoy dancing, performing, and promoting line dancing in the Tucson community. Until the spring of 2020, they performe throughout the year at various charity and local events as well as nursing homes and care facilities. Line dancing is choreographed, taught and danced all around the world to many different musical genres though is often associated with country music. The Strutters dance primarily to country music but enjoy performing to all different types of music.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Type of Performance
Music & Dance

Festival Appearance
  • Lawn, Saturday Oct 14, 5:00 to 5:45 AM ()

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