Nagoyaka – Traditional Music of Japan

NAGOYAKA 和やか (“Peace”) is an ensemble of musicians playing traditional Japanese music in Tucson. Masako Yasui (koto; Ikuta ryu), Koryo Yasui (shakuhachi; Tozan ryu), Paul Amiel (shakuhachi, fue; Kinko ryu).

Nagoyaka is very proud to present traditional Japanese music to Arizona audiences. All three members who live in Tucson were trained in Nagoya, Japan, and that explains the name of the ensemble. “Nagoyaka” (なごやか) is a Japanese word that is often used to describe an atmosphere or environment that is peaceful, harmonious, and friendly. We hope you will enjoy!


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Type of Performance
Music & Dance

Festival Appearance
  • Lawn, Friday Oct 13, 1:15 to 2:00 PM ()

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