Maxi Larrea & Duo Yvapurû

The musical duo, Duo Yvapurû is Maxi Larrea and Jennie Gubner. Maxi Larrea is a guitarist, arranger, composer, and music educator from Rosario, Argentina, now living in Tucson. He composes, performs, and teaches tango and other guitar forms. His first solo album of tango and folklore original compositions _Donde Termina el Río/Where the River Ends _was released in Summer 2020 and is available for download from major platforms or directly from the artist. Jennie Gubner is a violinist, as well as an assistant professor of ethnomusicology and Chair of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Intercultural Arts Research at the University of Arizona. She is a Latin American music scholar who has spent over 15 years researching and performing in intergenerational and participatory tango music scenes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together, Duo Yvapurû blend guitar, violin and vocal harmonies to bring to life folk, tango, and popular music songs from different regions of Argentina and across the Americas.

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Virtual Performance,Tucson Eat Yourself

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October 10, 2020 6:00 pm