El SurCo

El SurCo is a musical collective that blends guitars, violin, charango, bombo, and vocal harmonies to bring to life chacareras, cuecas, chamamés, gatos, and other popular and folk stringed music traditions from Argentina, Chile, and surrounding regions. The word surco means groove in Spanish and references both a musical term and the furrows where farmers plant seeds and cultivate the land in the rural areas where many of these styles emerged and continue to thrive. Rooted in the sonic, socio-political, cultural, and natural histories of these regions, El SurCo (or The Southern Collective) transport their listeners into the diverse and vibrant musical ecosystems of the Southern tip of the Americas. El SurCo is composed of Maxi Larrea (guitar, vocals, bombo), Jennie Gubner (violin, vocals, bombo), and Andres Pantoja (guitar, charango, bombo, vocals).


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Type of Performance
Music & Dance

Festival Appearance
  • Church, Saturday Oct 14, 12:00 to 12:45 PM ()

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