Dukes Car Club

The Dukes Car Club of Tucson presents 10 lowrider cars plus demonstrations on how to trick out your own car.

Friday: 1-2pm:
Pinstriping & Murals

Saturday 1-3 pm:
Pinstriping & Murals
Old-style (lockring) Tire Mount and Dismount

Sunday 12-2pm: Old-style (lockring) Tire Mount and Dismount
Sunday 1-3 pm: Pinstriping & Murals

For more on lowrider cars & culture, see:
Low and Slow: Dukes Car Club Preserves Lowrider Culture.” BorderLore, April 2017
Motorized: Cruising Culture.” BorderLore. April 2014.

Photo by Steven Meckler


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Type of Performance
Folk Arts

Festival Appearance
Intersection of Pennington Ave. & Church St.

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