Corridos with Celestino

Celestino Fernandez is an internationally recognized expert on the corrido tradition, a musico-poetic tradition that is ever-so-popular in the US-Mexico borderlands and throughout Mexico. Dr. Fernandez served as Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona for 40 years. A Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Fernandez has been working the corrido tradition for over 40 years: organizing contests, leading workshops, making presentations at both academic conferences and community functions, writing both academic and popular articles, composing, and most recently producing a 2-CD and booklet package of 22 of his corridos. In 2021, he was given a Southwest Folklife Alliance Master-Apprentice Artist Award for his work with corridos.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Type of Performance
Music & Dance

Festival Appearance
  • Lawn, Saturday Oct 14, 4:00 to 4:45 PM ()

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