Akiko Victorson – Shodo/Japanese Calligraphy

Akiko Victorson learned SHODO (the art of Japanese calligraphy) from a master calligrapher during culture lessons in Japanese elementary school . SHODO is still one of the educational pillars in Japan. To do SHODO, one only needs a brush, ink (Sumi), paper and ink stone (Suzuri). Now in America, Akiko teaches calligraphy ​and sells her unique designs online. These designs include calligraphy scrolls on special Japanese paper and antique Kimono fabric. art in many fashions. Akiko use not only traditional designs for shodo but has also included new designs like Bible verse, and expressive art calligraphy for gift or decoration for the house. 
SHODO is not simply to write a character with well-balanced. It is a form of expression with using black ink and brush.The calligrapher has only one chance to create with brush, so she must concentrate and be fluid in her execution which is like a performance. To accomplish this, one must clear one’s mind and let the letters flow.

Photo by Steven Meckler


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