Pat: Doing Folklore

Patricia. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I’m in my fifth decade of being a folklorist. I’ve worked all over the country, a number of different states and this is my fourth time being in Tucson as a folklorist. I love this festival. I only have good things to say about. I describe folklife as the things people do in their everyday lives that express their identity and their culture. We look at stories, verbal play, we look at foodways, dance, music, celebration, both sacred and profane. Different types of designs, use of materials from place to help express who you are, as well as find ways of living in your own everyday environment. I have several artforms that I haven’t practiced for a long time. In the ’60s and ’70s I was a folk singer, you know, a long-haired hippie chick, pierced ears, Buffalo sandals, the whole thing. I also used to do a lot of different crafts. I grew up learning to be a seamstress from my mother and grandmother and I used to make all my own clothes and costumes for my son. A lot of things that have fallen by the wayside as I’ve gotten busier. But when I retire, which I hope will be soon, I want to get back to working with textiles. I love texture and color and I want to get back to doing wearable art.


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