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October 2020

News about Tucson Meet Yourself

Resilience and adaptability! We are working on a special month-long program, combining virtual and live events (safely distanced), to celebrate the many cultures and traditions in Tucson and surrounding areas. We will not be producing a festival like the ones of the last 46 years, but we will be creating newly imagined opportunities for sharing and learning–food, music, dance, and folk art–in the same spirit of conviviality that we share with you every year. Bear with as as we finalize details. We’ll be unveiling the 2020 festival plan in the coming weeks.

Stay safe,
Dr. Maribel Alvarez, Director, Tucson Meet Yourself & Staff

Traditional Artist & Culture Bearer Relief Fund

COVID-19 has revealed deep vulnerabilities within many of those we serve. To provide direct support to these artists and culture/heritage practitioners, we’ve launched the Traditional Artists & Culture Bearer Emergency Relief Fund with seed money from the Arizona Commission on the Arts (10K) and individual donors, including over $5000 from community members on Arizona Gives Day and are continuing the campaign to help artists in need.

Apply or donate to the fund here.

We are updating a list of additional resources and relief opportunities here.

video by Nate McKowen

Get There

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Volunteers make the festival happen!

Over 600 volunteers keep the festival going. Learn more about volunteering here.

Special Partnerships

Partnering with other organizations helps us bring even more magic to the festival. We’re so grateful that these stellar organizations participate in sharing with you the heritage and culture of our region in is many forms.

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“Think of a festival as a ritual, a time when things shift their normal order–people transgress their comfort zones by eating different foods, dancing on the streets, talking to strangers, seeing what is familiar in a new light. In this way, we are able to imagine what a more democratic, equitable, and just world might look like.”
– Dr. Maribel Alvarez, Festival Curator

Faces of the Festival

Who are you? What is your story? A collaboration with photographer Steven Meckler and volunteer ethnographers, Faces of the Festival chronicles the diversity of faces, ages and cultures at Tucson Meet Yourself.  We’re excited to introduce you to one another.

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Come for the food. Stay for the culture!

“What was most striking—and inspiring—about TMY was the fact that the audience
looks like a reflection of the festival participants.”

-Clifford Murphy, Director, Folk and Traditional Arts for the National Endowment for the Arts

To inquire about selling food, performing, or exhibiting information at the event, check this page again in June 2020.

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