Nelda: Home Cooking

Today we’re going to be doing a cooking demonstration here at the festival, Tucson Meet Yourself. The dish we’re going to be cooking is ejotes and nopales en chile colorado which is a traditional dish that my great grandmother used to make me. They used to grow their own chiles and their own ejotes, green beans, in Hermosillo in her little milpa, in her little garden. Her recipe is very simple. It includes a little bit of milk in the chile sauce and the nopales, which she would also harvest and cook with a penny. Iif you cook them with a little copper, it takes away a bit of the slimy-ness, the babosadas. That’s what we would eat. She would also make flour tortillas from scratch. Over there, we call them sobaqueras because they’re really really big and really really thin and you use your upper arm strength to stretch them out and the sobaco in Spanish is the armpit. That’s a dish that really connects me to my memories from back in the day. The dish is a very common traditional dish especially in the northern part of Sonora.


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