A map of Tucson Meet Yourself 2023. The Center of the map is the Memory Tent located at the center of Jácome Plaza. 
The Northwest Quadrant includes the area from the Memory Tent, northwest to the intersection of Alameda and Church Ave. The Pima County Courthouse and Pima County Meet Yourself is west of Church Ave, south of Alameda. There is an accessible drop off location at Alameda and Church Ave. South of this drop off is the Rio Nuevo Church Stage located on Church Ave. East of the Church Stage is the AIDS Memorial Quilt on the grass. Just north of this grass area are bathrooms. Folk Artists are on the westside of Church Ave and Food Vendors 31-35 on the eastern part. Just east of Church Ave. is Jácome Plaza and food vendors 1-9. 
The Southwest Quadrant includes the area from the Memory Tent, southwest to the intersection of Pennington and Church Ave. The brand new Borderlands Brewery Heritage Beer Garden is located on the lawn just southwest (behind) the Memory Tent. A water refill station is located on Jácome Plaza at Church Ave. just north of Pennington St. as are some Folk Artists. Bathrooms are located just west of this. The Dukes Car Show sponsored by D2 Dispensaries, is on Church Ave. just south of Pennington. East of this intersection is the Tohono O’odham and Pascua Yaqui Folk Arts Pavillion. 
The Northeast Quadrant includes the area from the Memory Tent to the intersection of Stone Ave and Alameda where there is an accessible drop-off. The UArizona Alameda Stage is located just south of Alameda on Stone Ave. Bathrooms are just west of this stage east of Main Library. A water station is just south of this stage on Stone Ave. Northwest of the big red sculpture is a water station , near the Library entrance. Food Vendors 36-42 are on Stone Ave.
The Southeast Quadrant includes the area from the Memory Tent to the intersections of Pennington and Stone Ave. and Pennington and Scott Ave. East of the Memory Tent is the Festival Store where you can buy TMY merchandise. Southeast of the Memory Tent is the Tucson ER & Hospital Jácome Plaza Lawn Stage. Community Matters tents are just north of this. South and southwest of sculpture are Food Vendors 10-30; many vendors are located on the gravel path. 
On the Southeast corner of Jácome Plaza is the Cox Festival Information + Accessibility Services Tent. You can get loaner wheelchairs, check out audio amplifiers, and ask general and accessibility questions. 
Folk Artists are set up on Pennington St. At the southwest part of the intersection are the Logistics and Volunteer Headquarters, near the Bank of America building. A water Station is located south of here. On the east side of Stone Ave are food vendors 36-47. Just south of Pennington on Stone Ave. is an accessible drop off at Stone Ave. and Congress St. East of Stone Ave on Pennington St. is a water station and the Tranquility, Prayer, and Lactation Tents. Bathrooms and an accessible drop off location are on Pennington and Scott Ave.
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