Loss and Remembrance

Amidst celebration and resilience, we acknowledge the many losses brought about by the pandemic, economic hardship, racial injustice, natural disasters, political strife, and more.

This year, a special area of the festival offers a place to remember and honor these losses. 

Sponsored by:

the Saudade Jukebox

In Portuguese, saudade is the word for longing, nostalgia, or the love that remains after someone is gone or an experience is over. At this on-site jukebox, you can contribute to a playlist and listen to songs to remember lost loved ones & past experiences.

Wall of Losses 

Reflect on significant losses you’ve experienced and commemorate them by adding them to the wall. Names of family members, friends, pets, or neighbors who have died. Life losses that significantly impacted you. Experiences you can no longer have. Species lost to extinction. And more.

Plants of Healing 

Learn about desert plants that can support you in times of grief and loss with desert herbalist Alyssa Navarrette. Take home Marigold seeds from the Pima County Public Library’s Seed Library to plant.

Stories of Grief & Solace 

Share stories of family & cultural traditions surrounding grief, mourning, and solace for the 2021 Loss & Remembrance Audio Soundtrack, in collaboration with UA Journalism students.

Converse with a Death Doula

End of Life Doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to both the dying and their family, including emotional, spiritual or practical care, from as early as initial diagnosis through bereavement. Tucson End of Life Doulas and Fairwell Consulting will be on site offering compassionate guidance. Ask questions about end-of-life planning or just sit with a doula for a while.

Friday: 4-8pm

Saturday: 12-4pm

Sunday: 11-3pm 

Music for Grief & Healing

TMY artists offer special songs & dances honoring cultural traditions of mourning and healing in an intimate setting.


7:30 Tradiciones


12:00 General Tchefary
1:00 Jaliya
2:00 Kathi Huhtaluhta with Hunter Crow
3:00 Ludo Djore
4:00 Gertie Lopez
5:00 Capulli Tonantzin
6:00 Conjunto Nopal (Rancheras de Sentimiento)
7:00 Cindy Ahn: Salpuri (Korean Spirit-Cleansing Dance) 


12:00 Gabriel Ayala
4:00 Tamara Khachatryan & Fadi Iskandar

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