Lit Up: Traditional Artists on Public Walls

Tucson Sino Tajii martial artist, based on photo by Steven Meckler
Projections of TMY dancers and folk artist writ-large on public walls at night.

Fridays in October | Dusk-10pm

Video projections of traditional dancers and manual artists doing what they do best: moving and making. The precise and sinuous movements of Japanese traditional dancers, the athletic leaps and twirls of Polish folk dancing, the steady delicate hand of a Henna artist, and more writ-large on public walls around Tucson.

Sponsored by:
Furrier Western Tire
Picor Commercial Real Estate
Aloft Hotel

Friday, October 2

Tucson City Court

Toole and 6th Avenue

NOTE: There is no set schedule for these “performances.”
Catch the following performers and folk artists “moving” on the walls as you walk, roll, or drive by.