Wat Buddhametta

Members of our Wat Buddhametta community have been serving a variety of Thai foods at Tucson Meet Yourself since 2000-over 20 years! During this time our experiences with TMY staff, the other vendors, and thousands of festival attendees have been truly wonderful.
Thailand has earned the nickname “The Land of Smiles” and at our booth we prepare, cook and serve our dishes with lots of smiles for everyone! Each year, we sell Pad Thai (Thai noodles), egg rolls, Thai fried rice, fried bananas, and our delicious Thai tea, made with spices, sugar, and cream and served iced.
Everything is homemade and vegetarian. We not only sell food at TMY to raise funds to support our Buddhist temple, monks and lay community, but to raise awareness and share peace, happiness, and goodwill with other festival participants. We come from different places and we eat many different foods, but we all call Tucson our home. The same is true of our Temple, where we practice Theravada Buddhism which is common throughout Southeast Asia, though our volunteers come from Thailand, Laos, Mexico, the United States, and other places and cultures.
Khob Khun (Thai for “thank you”) to the TMY organizers for allowing us to participate in this event for so many years. We are especially grateful to the festival’s founder, the late “Uncle Big Jim,” for creating this amazing community celebration over 50 years ago. We truly miss him, though he lives on in the spirit of TMY.

Ajahn Sarayut Arnanda, Abbot
Wat Buddhametta and Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center

Festival Menu

1. Pad Thai (Vegetarian) $ 5/ a plate
# Rice noodle, garlic, peanut, tofu, egg, beansprouts, green onions, with Special Pad Thai sauce.
2. Stir Fried Rice (Vegetarian) $ 5/ a plate
# Steamed rice, garlics, mixed vegetables, imitated shrimps, soy sauce, green onion, sugar, salt, and black peppers.
3. Chicken Satay (BBQ-Chicken) $ 4/ a stick
# Marinated chicken with coconut milk, yellow curry powder, turmeric power, sugar, salt,
4. Vegetarian Thai Egg Roll $ 2/each
# Cabbage, carrot, celery, grass/clear noodle, garlic powder, black peppers, salt, sugar, soy sauce
5. Fried Banana $ 2/ for 3 pieces
# Ripen banana, special banana batch.
6. Thai Iced Tea $ 2 / 14 oz cup
# Thai tea which is brewed in advanced and has spices and cream (optional)
7. Combination Plate $ 10

Pad Thai/ stir Fried rice, one chicken Sa-tay, one egg roll, and one fried banana.


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