Wat Buddhametta – 28

We are a Buddhist temple and monastery of the Thai Theravada tradition. Our community represents Thai and American Buddhist culture. Our Thai food booth has been with TMY for over 20 years. Our joy is to be able share it and other aspects of Thai culture with so many people. We sell our food at very reasonable price that everyone can try even you have only one dollar. In some cases we give our food for free if people come to us and have no money. We cook our food with peace, love, joy and in harmony. Our volunteers are diverse and well organized, each working 3-hour shifts. We have been very successful over the years. We are at the festival not only to raise money to support our temple, but also to build friendship others. Over the years we have built friendships with other food booths. Thank you for having us at the festival this year. We really missed it last year.

Festival Menu

1. Pad Thai (Vegetarian) $ 5/ a plate
# Rice noodle, garlic, peanut, tofu, egg, beansprouts, green onions, with Special Pad Thai sauce.
2. Stir Fried Rice (Vegetarian) $ 5/ a plate
# Steamed rice, garlics, mixed vegetables, imitated shrimps, soy sauce, green onion, sugar, salt, and black peppers.
3. Chicken Satay (BBQ-Chicken) $ 4/ a stick
# Marinated chicken with coconut milk, yellow curry powder, turmeric power, sugar, salt,
4. Vegetarian Thai Egg Roll $ 2/each
# Cabbage, carrot, celery, grass/clear noodle, garlic powder, black peppers, salt, sugar, soy sauce
5. Fried Banana $ 2/ for 3 pieces
# Ripen banana, special banana batch.
6. Thai Iced Tea $ 2 / 14 oz cup
# Thai tea which is brewed in advanced and has spices and cream (optional)
7. Combination Plate $ 10

Pad Thai/ stir Fried rice, one chicken Sa-tay, one egg roll, and one fried banana.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 28

Festival Appearance

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