Ukies Modern Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukies is a new food trailer in Tucson, offering authentic and modern Ukrainian dishes

Festival Menu

Borsch (aka Borscht) – Traditional Ukrainian soup made with beets, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, red kidney beans (for the vegetarian version), or pork (classic borsch), parsley, and dill. Served with a dollop of sour cream- $6 (cup)
Zurek – the Polish soup with a unique taste: made with celery root, parsnips, onions, garlic, smoked meats, bacon andor sausage; soured with a dark rye starter and served with a hard-boiled egg, halved and finished with marjoram - $8 (cup)
Varenyky (aka Pierogi)– traditional Ukrainian-style dumplings with various fillings: potato, beef, sweet cream cheese, or sour cherries. The savory version (potato, beef) is served with a choice of sour cream sauces: plain sour cream, sour cream with garlic and parsley, sour cream with dill, and caramelized onions and bacon; the sweet version (sweet cheese, sour cherries) is served with butter and plain sour cream or sweet vanilla sour cream sauce - $8 (5 pcs)*
* - The variety of filling can be expanded, e.g., add strawberries, blueberries, cabbage with mushrooms, etc.
Holubtsi – traditional Ukrainian cabbage rolls filled with Basmati Rice, beef, onions, carrots, and garlic, sauteed in tomato sauce. Served with sour creams – garlic parsley, dill, sriracha, plain. - $5 (1 pcs)
Zrazy – mashed potato dough-based “hand pies” stuffed with beef and onions, or mushrooms and onions, pan- or flattop-seared. Served with sour creams – garlic parsley, dill, sriracha, plain. - $5 (1 pcs)


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