UA Filipino Student Association

FASA’s history at TMY has been an amazing annual experience spanning over a decade. As students we come together to plan a quality booth and prepare wonderful food for all of Tucson to learn and experience Filipino culture! FASA pours our heart into this opportunity to spread awareness and engage in celebrating the diverse ethnic cultures and lifestyles with the community of Tucson.

Festival Menu

Pork Skewer (2 pieces for $6): Marinated Pork Shoulder cut into bite-size pieces barbecued on a skewer and basted with a sweet glaze.

Ube Horchata Beverage ($6): The classic sweet and creamy drink that we know and love but with a Filipino twist! The sweet flavors of horchata pair perfectly with the richness of the purple yam.

Lumpia Shanghai (4 pieces for $5): The traditional Filipino egg roll is made from pork and minced onion, deep fried in a crunchy wrapping. Served with a sweet and tangy chili sauce.

Adobo Fried Rice ($7): Take on these savory and bold flavors with a super-tasty new spin on Chicken Adobo. This new dish is the perfect Filipino fusion item!

Bibingka ($4): Explore traditional desserts with Bibingka! This wonderful treat is a buttery rice cake made with mochiko flour and coconut sport/milk!


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 24

Festival Appearance

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