Tucson Afghan Community

The Tucson Afghan Community is proud to join this magnificent event for the second year in a row. In 2022, TAC returned to TMY after several years to bring authentic Afghan cuisine to the Tucson community. We had such a wonderful experience and support from the Tucson community that some of our members decided to open a restaurant, Kabul Corner, which will open its doors to the public soon.
Last year, the support and love we received from Tucson in support of our community was a beacon of hope for the Afghan community members that had fled their homes in hopes finding safety, community, and home in a new place.

We are grateful that we have the opportunity be part of this organization and family once more and hope to bring you smile and delight through sharing of our cuisine.

Festival Menu

1. Qabuli Palow - Afghan traditional rice with beef, carrots, raisons
2. Challow - Afghan White Rice with aromatic spices
3. Qorma Murgh - Afghan chicken curry
4. Qorma nakhud - Afghan chickpea curry
5. Chapli Kabob (thin beef patties with vegetable and aromatic spices)
6. Salad - mix vegetables
7. Khajoor - Afghan sweet cookies
8. Sheer Pira - Afghan cardamom flavored milk fudge with pistachios or walnuts


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Festival Appearance

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