*Tucson Afghan Community – 23

The Tucson Afghan Community is excited to share the exquisite food from Afghanistan cooked by Afghan chefs. The chefs are excited to tell you the story of Afghans through these foods and showcase the rich culture of Afghanistan. The aim is to let the Tucson community experience the hospitality and delicious food from Afghanistan which is a different scene from the unfortunate events that took place in the last year. There is so much more to Afghanistan and Afghan culture than just being a war-torn country.

Festival Menu

1. Qabuli Palow - Afghan traditional rice with beef, carrots, raisons
2. Sambosa - Afghan Vegetable filled pastry
3. Ash - Afghan traditional noodle and vegetable soup
4. Morgh e Tandori - Afghan chicken dish
5. Salad - chopped vegetables
6. Khajoor - Afghan sweet cookies
7. Sheer Pira - Afghan cardamom flavored sweet
8. Tea - Afghan hot cardamom flavored hot tea


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 23

Festival Appearance

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