The Sweet Coqui

Taitira “Ty” Lorenzo from Moca, PR, and her husband Jaime “Jay” Rolon from Coamo, PR met while living in Connecticut. They moved to Tucson right as the pandemic began and noticing the lack of Puerto Rican desserts in the area, decided to bring their culture’s recipes to Tucson! The Sweet Coquí was created with two goals in mind: bring the Puerto Rican culture to those who have not experienced it, and bring a piece of home to those Boricuas living in the desert. Known for their extravagantly decorated dessert shakes, The Sweet Coquí is sure to sweeten your day!

Festival Menu

Frappé: 16oz Delicious dessert shake decorated with cookies and candies made in Puerto Rico. Different flavors available.
Tembleque (vegan) : 9oz cup of traditional coconut pudding topped with cinnamon.
Limber (GF and vegan options): Puerto Rican ice pop. Different flavors available.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Festival Appearance

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