Takoyaki Balls

A festival favorite of Japanese dishes including Takoyaki balls, which are actually Octopus dumplings. The Takoyaki Balls booth first started in February 2015 to share authentic tastes of Japan — and create more smiles. In 2019, we opened as food truck. Thanks to community members who have supported our small business, we survived the economic hardship during Covid.

Festival Menu

Takoyaki $6 octopus dumplings
Gyoza $5 chicken dumplings
Japanese curry rice $9
Katsu Curry $11
Gyu Don $11 beef and rice bowl
Onigiri (TunaMayo, PorkMiso) 2 for $6
Tai Yaki Sweet beans inside $3 for ONE PIECE

Japanese unsweetened tea
Japanese soft drinks


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 35

Festival Appearance

Hours Available

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