Sonoran Delights

For 23 years, Sonoran Delights has been serving authentic raspados and street snacks commonly found in Mexico and the region of Sonora. We are proud to continue offering these traditional flavors to the diverse community of the TMY festival again!

Read more about Sonoran Deilights in the August 2016 issue of BorderLore.

Festival Menu

Raspados: Mexican style shaved ice of natural flavors with fresh fruit pieces such as Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, and Coconut with optional added ice cream and sweet condensed milk
Sour Raspados: any flavor raspado with added Chamoy and Lime and Mexican tamarind candies
Macedonia: ice cream, peach, pineapple, mango, strawberry
Pepihuates: Japanese peanuts, cucumber, clamato, chamoy, lime, Mexican candies


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 20

Festival Appearance

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