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We started as a food truck stationed on the based to serve the Military community in 2013. In 2016 we started a restaurant and we have been growing in the community ever since. We have catered with the University of Arizona Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball teams and have participated in numerous events around the Tucson community. We look forward to events like this to showcase our Island Food. We always aim to please and we want to “Break Da Mouth” with our food. That’s just a saying from the Hawaiian island. When the food is soooo good, the Islanders say “You broke my Mouth, brah!” We can’t wait to take you away to the Islands.

Festival Menu

Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled chicken marinated in our homemade teriyaki sauce - 9.00

Katsu Chicken - Seasoned Breaded Chicken and deep fried with homemade tomato based Katsu sauce - 9.00

Kalua Pork - Slow and smoked with seasoning pork butt shredded with cabbage - 9.00

Mochiko Chicken - Crunchy sweet, spicy kick and Salty battered Mochiko Flour and Deep fried - 9.00

Kalbi Short RIbs - Grilled Beef short ribs seasoned and marinated in our homemade teriyaki sauce - 11.00

Bang Shrimp -Seasoned Breaded Shrimp and deep fried with homemade sweet creamy spicy bang sauce 11.00

COMBO PLATES - Basic 2 meats (Teri chicken, Kalua, Katsu, Mochiko - 11.00

Spam Musubi - Nori Seaweed wrapped Spam and dipped our marinated Teri Sauce our seasoned Furikake rice 2.00

Tuna Macaroni Salad - Macaroni mixed in our creamy Mayo with tuna and seasonings - 2.00

Stickey White Rice - Calrose stickey rice - 2.00

Hawaiian Rolls - Sweet bread - 1.00

Hawaiian Sun Drinks - 2.00

Mochiko Chicken - We started this on our food truck we were wasting alot of chicken ends and nuggets and came up with our sauce and its a regular item now on our food truck menu.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

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Festival Appearance

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