Sema Foundation-Turkish – F28

Sema Foundation was founded in 2004 to build bridges among local communities and to foster mutual understanding among individuals from different walks of life. Over the last decade, our non-profit organization provided instrumental work focusing on four areas: charity, education, outreach and culture. At TMY, we specialize in sharing Turkish food with the public.

Festival Menu

Chicken Shish-Kebab
Sarma (V)
Kisir (Bulgur Salad)(V)
Gozleme with feta cheese
Gozleme with ground beef
Gozleme Mixed
Kofte Kebab
Mixed Kebap Plate
MIxed Veggie Plate
Spinach Gozleme
Baklava (V)
Turkish Coffee
Turkish Tea
Elmali Kurabiye


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth F28

Festival Appearance

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