Sema Foundation-Turkish – 29

Sema Foundation was founded in 2004 to build bridges among local communities and to foster mutual understanding among individuals from different walks of life. Over the last decade, our non-profit organization provided instrumental work focusing on four areas: charity, education, outreach and culture. At TMY, we specialize in sharing Turkish food with the public.

Festival Menu

Doner $10.00
Kofte Kebap $10.00
Chicken Shawarma $10.00
Chicken Shish kabap $10.00
Doner $12.00
Kofte Kebap $12.00
Chicken Shish Kebap $12.00
Chicken Shawarma $12.00
Mixed Kebap $12.00
Mixed Veggie $12.00
Gozleme With Feta Cheese $8.00
Gozleme with spinach $8.00
Gozleme With Ground Beef $8.00
Mixed Gozleme $9.00
Hummus $3.00
Cooked Rice $3.00
Bulgur Salad $4.00
Sarma $2/3 piece
Baklava $2/1 piece- $5/3 pieces
Turkish Tea (hot) $2.00
Turkish Coffee $4.00
Apple Cookies $3/2pieces
Turkish Hibiscus Sherbet (Cold) $3.00


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 29

Festival Appearance

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