San Xavier Cooperative Farm

“I remember riding my bike as a child and seeing the alfalfa growing in the fields and seeing all the crops growing including watermelon. Also, I remember making cemit (tortillas) with my grandmother and they would come out all shaped and sizes. Little did I know she was teaching me the skills I know today to be a good representative for the San Xavier Cooperative Farm and for my community. In the kitchen making breads and the passion I have for cooking and now today I get to make these great cemit that feed people and that given as gifts to pass on to others and even to introduce our tradition to others.” -Maryia Miles, Catering Coordinator

Read more about San Xavier Cooperative Farm’s booth in BorderLore, September 2018.

Festival Menu

Three Sisters Plate: Ciolim (cholla bud)/ cheese/ green chili tamale, s-to:ta ba:wi (white tepary), squash and cheese - $14.00
Red Chili Gai'wsa (roasted corn soup in red chili sauce) with yeast bread or white sonoran wheat popover - $12.00 (Vegan)
Green Chili beef stew with yeast bread or sonoran white wheat popover - $12.00
S-to:ta Ba:wi (white tepary beans) with yeast bread or Sonoran white wheat popover - $10.00
Ciolim (cholla bud)/ cheese/ green chili tamale (GF) - $5.00
Sonoran white wheat popover with farm honey - $8.00
Mesquite cookie - $3.00
Bahidaj kaij (saguaro seed) lemon scones - $3.00
Yellow watermelon lemonade - $6.00


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

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