San Xavier Cooperative Farm

The Tohono O’odham (Desert People) have stewarded S-cu:k Son/Tucson lands for thousands of years, farming the banks of the Ali Akimel (Santa Cruz River). At San Xavier Coop Farm, we continue our traditions of cultivating and wild-harvesting resilient and delicious desert foods such as tepary beans, 60 day corn, cholla buds and mesquite. 

We are proud to continue to steward and carry our traditional foods with us in order to support the economic and cultural future of the Tohono O’odham community as well as share with and educate the greater community! All our foods are certified naturally grown, ethically harvested and are truly farm to table! Come have a taste of the Sonoran desert!

Read more about San Xavier Cooperative Farm’s booth in BorderLore, September 2018.

Festival Menu

Three Sisters Plate: Ciolim (cholla bud)/ cheese/ green chili tamale, s-to:ta ba:wi (white tepary), squash and cheese - $14.00
Red Chili Gai'wsa (roasted corn soup in red chili sauce) with yeast bread or white sonoran wheat popover - $12.00 (Vegan)
Green Chili beef stew with yeast bread or Sonoran white wheat popover - $12.00
S-to:ta Ba:wi (white tepary beans) with yeast bread or Sonoran white wheat popover - $10.00
Ciolim (cholla bud)/ cheese/ green chili tamale (GF) - $5.00
Sonoran white wheat popover with farm honey - $8.00
Mesquite cookie - $3.00
Bahidaj kaij (saguaro seed) lemon scones - $3.00
Yellow watermelon lemonade - $6.00


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