San Xavier Cooperative Farm – 39

“I remember riding my bike as a child and seeing the alfalfa growing in the fields and seeing all the crops growing including watermelon. Also, I remember making cemit (tortillas) with my grandmother and they would come out all shaped and sizes. Little did I know she was teaching me the skills I know today to be a good representative for the San Xavier Cooperative Farm and for my community. In the kitchen making breads and the passion I have for cooking and now today I get to make these great cemit that feed people and that given as gifts to pass on to others and even to introduce our tradition to others.” -Maryia Miles, Catering Coordinator

Read more about San Xavier Cooperative Farm’s booth in BorderLore, September 2018.

Festival Menu

Contemporary southwest cuisine that highlights various traditional Tohono O'odham crops and ingredients.

12 oz White Tepary Beans w/ Yeast Bread
12 oz Tohono O’odham Pea Soup w/ Yeast Bread
16 oz Green Chile Stew w/ Yeast Bread
Three Sisters Plate: Tamale, Tepary Beans, Squash
Sonoran Wheat Bread
Mesquite Cookies
Wheat Berry Salad
12 oz Roasted Wheat Drink
12 oz O’odham Yellow Watermelon Lemonade


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Festival Location

Booth 39

Festival Appearance

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