Saffron Indian Bistro – F16

We bring authentic tastes of India from our restaurant in Oro Valley.

Festival Menu

*Chicken Curry - Slow cooked chicken with a traditional onion and tomato base gravy.
*Chana (Chickpeas) Masala- Traditional chickpea dish
*Veggie Biryani -India's version of fried rice
*Veggie Samosa- Potato turnover
*Bread- a staple in Indian cuisine
*Mango Juice -sweet mango dink
*Rose Water- a sweet drink with hints of rose

Veggie Combo box $12
Chicken Combo box $13
Rice Plate $10
Veggie Samosa (2 pcs) $6
Mango Juice and Rose water $2


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth F16

Festival Appearance

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