Sabor de Mexico

Sabor de Mexico, A taste of Mexican
MOC Production & Consulting, specializing in traditional ethic arts

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Enchiladas Sonorenses
These Sonorenses, flat enchiladas are a traditional Mexican dish originating in the Sonora state of Mexico. They are made with Masa (corn flour). They resemble patty cakes. They are fried and then smothered with an enchilada sauce and garnished with shredded lettuce, green onions, black olives and crumbled cheese queso fresco.

Calabacitas con Elote
Sautéed diced tomatoes, white onions, garlic, yellow corn, chopped cilantro and the zucchini squash with all the seasoning to taste and garnish with cheese (optional)

Mexican “Frijoles de la Olla”
Fabulous Mexican pinto beans are made stewed and creamy, made with diced tomatoes, chopped spicy jalapenos, white onions, garlic. Top with cheese (optional)


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