Ricuras de Venezuela – F30

All the way from La Guairá! Ricuras de Venezuela brings the best international and authentic Venezuelan cuisine to Arizona. My mom always wanted to make an areperia here in Arizona. She knew it was going to be the bomb but we just never had the time. Now is the time to enjoy amazing Venezuelan food in memory of my mother, Ms. Sifontes, living her legacy and enjoying her delicious recipes.

Festival Menu

AREPAS - Homemade spongy corn flour round pita like pockets. Crisp on the outside steamy-soft in the middle. Deep fried or bake, stuffed or plain. With these fillings:
Mechada (Shredded Beef)
Pollo (Chicken)
Reina pepiada (Chicken Salad)
Jamon y Queso (Ham & Cheese)
Pernil (Pork)
Domino (Black Beans & Cheese)
Veggie (Vegetables)
Pabellon Arepa (Shredded Beef, Beans and Plantains)

CACHAPAS - Grilled in butter, mix of sweet yellow corn filled with melted cheese
SPECIALTY PLATES - Chicken or Shredded beef served with black beans, rice and plantains
EMPANADA - Carne Molida (Ground Beef), Chicken or Cheese
SIDES - Rice, Beans, Veggies, Plantains and Chicken Salad
BEVERAGES - Papelon con Limon (Venezuelan lemonade), Malta


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