Pam’s Kitchen

Our booth is based off of the humble loving kitchen of our family. Sunday dinners are the biggest in Jamaica, and the most important. The dishes that bring our families together are Oxtails, Curry goat/chicken and — the most popular — jerk chicken. We work as a family, my husband, my younger brother, and me to prepare your food. Our mother has passed down her amazing recipes with blended spices and herbs, we are thrilled to share them at the festival.

Festival Menu

Curry chicken(Ground spices and curry)
Jerk chicken(Zesty herbs and spices)
Curry goat(Ground spices and curry)
Oxtail(Deeply rich stew like flavor)

Veggie(Mixture of cabbage and carrots)
Corn bread
White rice
Rice and peas


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Festival Appearance

Hours Available

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