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The Order of Ahepa is a Greek men’s organization affiliated with Tucson’s St. Demetrius Greek Orthodox church. We raise money for local charities and to provide scholarships to youth in the Greek community and to promote fellowship in our community. Our booth serves Gyro sandwiches, Spanakopita, Dolmades, and Greek pastries. Our entire club comes together with the support of our spouses to put together one of the most popular booths year after year at Tucson meet Yourself. We are one of the original founding food booths of TMY, all the way from 1974.
The AHEPA was founded as a fraternity in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 26, 1922. Its initial mission was to promote the image of Greeks in America, assist them with citizenship and assimilation into American culture, and combat prejudice.

Festival Menu

Gyro - Mediterranean style beef with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce served on pita bread $9.00
Spanakopita - spinach pie made with Feta cheese, spinach and phyllo dough $7.00
Dolmades - vegetarian grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice in a tangy lemon sauce $6.00
Baklava - nuts, butter, and spices baked in layers of filo pastry dough and topped with syrup $3.00
Kourabiedes - Greek butter cookies with walnuts and powdered sugar $3.00
Lemonatha - Greek lemonade with honey and mint $1.00
Pita bread - by the piece $1.00
Gyro – Meal - Gyro, Dolmathes, Pita Bread & Lemonatha $14.00
Spanakopita – Meal - Spanakopita, Dolmathes, Pita Bread & Lemonatha $13.00


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