Los Chiquilines Aguas Frescas

Los Chiquilines offers Aguas Frescas and traditional Mexican drinks prepared with natural fruits. Founder Guadalupe Pulido says, “I was born and raised in Sonora and I remember as a young girl my mom would make these drinks for us. I migrated to the U.S.A 40+ plus years ago. I missed these traditional drinks and started making them and love sharing a price of my childhood.”

We remember when this festival first started! As a small business we have had family and friends help in the event. It has been something we all look forward to. To be involved in something so big and so different has been such a pleasure. It has been a tradition for us too, my children and grandchildren have all participated and due to TMY they are culturally versed. We love representing Mexico with our traditional drinks, to find a made from scratch Mexican drink is not easy to find in our fast-paced city.

Read more about Los Chiquilines in the September 2016 issue of BorderLore.

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Horchata, Limonada, Jamaica, Piña, Tamarindo, Mango, Sandía


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