Kain Na Tayo Filipino – F23

In Filipino culture, we always say “Kain na Tayo,” (Let’s eat) during gatherings with friends, family, and even strangers. Filipino culture is always welcoming to build genuine friendships with others and sharing food means sharing one’s blessings. Popular dishes in the Philippines include pork barbeque and lumpia. Pork barbecue is grilled to perfection, with a sweet glazed sauce while lumpia includes a crispy outer filled with either vegetables and/or meat. Kain na Tayo with UA Filipino American Student Association!

Festival Menu

PORK BBQ SKEWERS $6 - Pork on a skewer that was grilled to perfection with a sweet glazed sauce served with rice.
CHICKEN ADOBO FRIES $5 - Fries fused with a Filipino dish that has chicken pieces that were marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and more that give a sweet and savory taste.
LUMPIA 4 for $5 - The traditional Filipino version of eggrolls. Yum!
CALAMANSI LEMONADE $3 - This lemonade includes Calamansi, which is known as the Philippine lime. This drink includes a our distinct fruit that gives a sweet citrus taste.
BUKO PANDAN ICE CREEM $3 - An ice cream version of a Filipino dessert that is made from young coconuts and sweet milk.


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