Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine

Recently featured with Guy Fieri on #DDD, Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine is one of the best in the world. With the special blending of spices, international influences and ingredients imported from Perú we create fresh dishes made from scratch. Unique, authentic, delicious. Our restaurant is at the southwest corner of Sunrise and Kolb.

Festival Menu

Main Dishes/Side Dishes
Anticuchos - skewers of beef
Causa Rellena - potatoe mashed filled with chicken
Papa Rellena - beef stuffed fried potato
Ceviche Pescado - Fish Peruvian recipe
Papa a la Huancaina - sliced potato with Peruvian Huancanina sauce
Beef, heart, peruvain sauce
Potatoe, cheese, aji amarillo
Potatoe, diced meat
Fish, lime, rocotto pepper
Potatoe, cheese, milk, pepper
Snack Foods
Canchita - Peruvian corn nuts
Chica Morada - Purple corn drink
Maracuya Passion fruit


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 19

Festival Appearance

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