Herculean Chicken (Taiwanese-style) –

Herculean Chicken specializes in Taiwanese style fried chicken. This is our second year at Tucson Meet Yourself and we are so excited to be part of the festival’s 50th anniversary! Our signature items are the fried chicken breast cutlet (Herculean Chicken), and popcorn chicken, both very popular street foods in Taiwan.

Festival Menu

Herculean Chicken $14
A whole chicken breast cutlet that is marinaded overnight, deep fried, and finished with dry seasoning. It is served in a paper bag so it can be hand held while eating and walking around a festival.

Popcorn Chicken $12
Taiwanese style popcorn chicken deep fried and finished with a dry seasoning and served in a paper bag to be eaten with a skewer stick.

Fries $5
Vegetable $5 (GF)(V)
White Rice $2 (GF)(V)


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Festival Appearance

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