*Herculean Chicken (Taiwanese-style) – 6

Taiwanese style fried chicken. Our small business launched in January 2022 so everything is new for us!

I am Cantonese but I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. One thing I miss the most about living there is going to the night markets, which I in particular enjoy getting the fried chicken cutlets and popcorn chicken. When I moved to Arizona I saw that very few places served Taiwanese style fried chicken, and those that did mostly served popcorn chicken but not the cutlet. I decided to start my own brand of Taiwanese fried chicken to bring these delicious items that are filled with my childhood memories to Arizona.
-Alberta Chu

Festival Menu

Herculean Chicken $15 - a whole chicken breast butterflied into a cutlet and pounded, marinaded overnight, deep fried, and finished with dry seasoning. This is a popular street food item at night markets in Taiwan. The cutlet is served in a paper bag so it can be hand held while eating and perfect to snack on while walking around at a fair.

Popcorn Chicken $10 - this is another popular snack food in Taiwan, also deep fried and finished with a dry seasoning and served in a paper bag to be eaten with a skewer stick.

Herculean Skewers $11 - chicken tenders pounded flat, deep fried and finished with dry seasoning, served on a skewer stick, 3 skewers per order.

All items can be made spicy upon request.


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