*Food 2 Door Catering (Persian) – 14

Since 2021 Food2Door Catering has been serving the greater Tucson area with delicious Persian home cooked meals directly from our kitchen to our customers, bringing our unique sensibility, styles, and taste to each affair.

Festival Menu

Lobia polo: green beans , beef, tomato paste, spices and Persian rice and Saffron (price: $12.25)

Kashke bademjan: eggplant, fried onions, fried garlic, curd, Persian spices, Mint and Saffron (price: $10.35)

Dolmeh: green leaves, ground beef, split peas, rice, Persian spices, vinegar (price: $10.50)

Pumpkin soup: pumpkins, garlic heavy cream (price: $8.25)

Baghlava: Persian pastry made with pistachio and walnuts and Saffron and syrup (price: $6)

Persian pistachio ice cream : milk, heavy cream, rose water, Saffron, pistachio (price: $5.99)

Tokhmeh sharbati (persian refreshing cold drink) : chia seeds, rose water, Saffron, water and ice (price: $6.25)


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Booth 14

Festival Appearance

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