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Cocina Oaxaqueña comes from El Espinal, Oaxaca, Mexico. José Toledo is an El Espinal native who learned the love of Oaxacan cuisine from his grandmother and mother, and the region’s Zapotec culture plays an important role both in his daily life and his cooking. Oaxacan recipes are passed on from generation to generation and help keep the culture alive. The well-loved Oaxacan mole (pronounced MOH-lay) is a popular dish served at weddings and other special occasions. Mole sauce requires many hours of labor and attention to prepare, as it contains over 20 ingredients, including chile ancho, chile guajillo, and chile mulato. El Tamal Oaxaqueño is a tamal made from corn masa, wrapped in a banana tree leaf, and filled with meat. They are typically served in a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Read more about José Toledo and his Oaxacan cuisine in BorderLore, September 2018.

Festival Menu

TAMAL OXAQUENO, $8: Corn masa tamal wrapped in a banana leaf, filled with chicken and topped with mole sauce and queso fresco
ENCHILADAS DE MOLE CON QUESILLO $8: Corn tortilla enchilada filled with cheese, smothered in mole, and topped with queso fresco
QUESADILLA DE FLOR DE CALABASA, $10: Quesadilla stuffed with pumpkin blossom, spinach and caramelized onions
CHAPULINES (seasoned grasshoppers!) $2


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