Churros El Rey

Growing up in Mexico, our favorite holiday was Dia de Los Muertos. Every year we looked forward to this day because vendors from other states came to sell their food and products, thus expanding their cultures and customs to our city. The churros are what we waited for the most! That unique flavor that is not easy to find in other fried desserts. We grew up believing that churros were the best Mexican dessert we had ever tasted. Much to our surprise, when my sister and I decided to open our Churro business, we discovered during our research that although the churro is believed to be entirely a Mexican culinary creation, it originated in Spain. One of the most told origins of churros is that it was inspired by Spanish shepherds of the northern mountainous grasslands. Hence at Churros El Rey, we follow a fusion of Spain’s and Mexico’s traditions because we want our customers to have a small taste of our most beloved, memorable, and enjoyable experience and flavored churro experience.

Festival Menu

Original Churro $5.00
Filled Churro $6.00
Small churro Sundae $10.00
Large Churro Sundae $12.00
Small. Strawberries and cream $10.00
Large strawberries and cream $12.00
1 ice cream scoop $5.00
2 ice cream scoop $7.00
Chamba chai $8.00
Hot coffee $6.00
Hot chocolate $6.00
Iced coffee $7.09
Frappe coffee $8.00
Milkshake $8.00
Root beer float $7.00


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Festival Appearance

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