Ceedee Jamaican Kitchen

Celebrated jerk chicken, oxtails, Jamaican drinks and desserts. A TMY vendor since 2005!

Festival Menu

JERK CHICKEN with OXTAILS, $12: Served with rice & 2 sides
JERK CHICKEN, $7 or $10: Served with rice & 2 sides
CURRY CHICKEN, $7 or $10: Served with rice & 2 sides
CURRY VEGGIE CHUNKS, $10: Made from soy served with rice, plantains, festival and vegetables

Fried Plantains
Festival: Jamaican cornbread (cornmeal, flour, sugar)
Rice & beans

DRINKS, $4: Watermelon & pineapple, Sorrel, Ginger beer
DESSERTS, $4: Rum cake, sweet potato cake, pineapple upside down cake, peanut drops


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Location

Oct. 17 & 18: Café Santa Rosa, 2615 S 6th Ave.

Festival Appearance
Tucson Eat Yourself

Hours Available