Café Santa Rosa

Cafe Santa Rosa is a family-owned Native Cuisine Restaurant. We opened in 2013 with 4 tables and have expanded to our new location on 6th and 36th, which is three times as big with a full-service bar and banquet hall. We serve traditional Native American food as well as Mexican food.
Cafe Santa Rosa is named after the Santa Rosa Ranch, the village we are from. Sylvia Gonzales, one of the owners, grew up watching her mother and father cook and learned the traditional ways of how to make popovers, also known as Indian Frybread, from her Mother and Mexican food, from her Father. Finding traditional authenic Indian Frybread is hard to find, so sharing it with our community gives us great joy. Having the banquet hall has given us the opportunity to have events and donate to our community.

Festival Menu

Indian Burger - 1 hamburger patty with lettuce, cheese, tomato, green chile strips, ketchup, mayo and mustard on a popover - $15
Red Chile Indian Taco - Red Chile meat with beans, lettuce, cheese and tomato on a popover - $14
Ground Beef Indian Taco - Ground beef with beans, lettuce, cheese and tomato on a popover - $13
Red Chile and Bean Popover -$12
Red Chile Popover - $11
Bean Indian Taco - Beans, lettuce, cheese and tomato on a popover - $11
Bean and Cheese Popover - $10
Honey and Powdered Sugar - $10
Strawberry and Powdered Sugar - $10
Chocolate and Powdered Sugar - $10
Honey OR Powdered Sugar - $9
Cinnamon Sugar - $9
Plain Popover - $7
Sweetened Cinnamon Tea - $4


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