Tohono O’odham Pavilion

TMY partners with the Tohono O’odham Cultural Center, who curates a roster of artists to share and demonstrate traditional and contemporary arts at the festival. Come and see traditional baskets made with bear grass, yucca, and devil’s claw; horsehair baskets; pottery; jewelry; and more.

This year’s artists include:

Caroline Felicity Antone – painted gourds, comic books, posters         
Jeffery Antone Sr. – paintings  
Quinton Antone – jewelry              
Michael Chiago – paintings & prints 
Paula Ignacio – beaded jewelry             
Terrol Dew Johnson– basket weaving & jewlery            
Eunice (Lynn) Liston – handcrafted gourds & willow jewelry             
Almera & Ashton Lopez – beaded, basket, and woodburning jewelry           
Joseph Lopez – basket weaving             
Homer Marks – O’odham sculptures and Hopi kachinas 
Phoenix & Tiffany Marks- mixed media originals, prints & jewelry 
Edward Miguel – basket weaving             
Elena Mendez & daughters – miniature horsehair baskets & jewelry 
Mary Pablo – basket weaving 
Harrison Preston – pottery, jewelry & baskets             
Lisa Preston – wire-wraped jewelry 
Rosemary Ramon – horse hair & yucca beargrass baskets 
Lola Mae Thomas – basket weaving  
Kathleen Vance & Melvina Garcia – pottery    


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
Folk Arts Area, Pennington St. (southside)

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